Painting in my mind, is a process of image making using such materials as stretcher frame, canvas, brushes, paint, as well as techniques relating to those materials. And while painting explores and interrogates issues of representation, identity, genre, style, the legacy of avant-garde modernism, post-modern strategies, etc. it poses the why and wherefore of its production. Painting is, in the words of Jean Clay (speaking about the work of Robert Ryman) : "a manoeuvre, a capturing that at once fills and diverts what is presupposed by a program, in a movement of repetition and re-monstration".

Painting in my mind is the approach whereby I use the materials and techniques of painting (including its formal elements, light, colour, transparency, form, etc.) as a research about the literality of material, not unlike the movement Support/surface in France, showing the thing itself, and as an experiment in transposing the properties of painting into other realms.

Painting in my mind consists in making objects with canvas, making sculpture with a brush, painting with latex (the sap of rubber trees), using colourful magazine pages as my palette, using brushes to knit a painting, etc. but mostly going beyond the frame and the wall so as to free my thoughts of pre-established notions about painting.

Painting in my mind therefore consists in creating drawings where the background bursts to the surface and where I use a "divided pencil stroke" technique to animate it.